Unpublished post from May 2016

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Today is a rare occurrence because it’s one of the few weekends where I actually get to lounge all day in my room. Honestly, days like this give me the chance to pause and think about life in general.

I try to look at my life- what am I doing with it. Are the things I’m engaged in relevant to the society, to the world? 

Then I look at my relationships with the people around me – am I colleague worthy of my colleagues at work?

With the time I spend at work, am I being really a friend to my friends? Is it okay for me to let my family miss me because I’m miles away from them all for the love of work?

Then I recount and recall all that has been happening. Like a typical lazy Saturday,  I spent the day immersed in my tablet – trying to decide whether to read a book, watch a series or just binge-stalk people on Facebook. I was on my 3rd hour in my tablet today when I saw one note I wrote a few months back when I accompanied a group of our Education Ambassadors for a 3-day training in Baguio. This is exactly what I wrote:

Last week, I sat down in one of our trainings. We were asked to rank our life aspects. For example from 1 to 10, rate how are you with your family, friends, love life and work.  I surprised myself when I gave my work a 10/10. It was probably the only aspect where I was confident to rate myself a solid 10.  A friend asked me – questioned me why I gave it a 10. I thought about it and asked myself – have I been so workaholic lately? How come I don’t feel any “stress” from it? My parents usually ask me if I am okay with all that have I been doing and I in turn wonder where their worry comes from (and I truly appreciate it because I know how much they love and care for me) when I am perfectly okay with all that has been happening.

So now – I look at myself and I assess what I am feeling and I realize that most of the positive energy radiating from me comes from work. When you choose to be happy at work, all things just fall into place — you get to be more proud about yourself, you get to be more positive when you come home and share your stories to your family, you get to be more confident, you get to be more in sync when you are with your friends , in short you get to be happy as you are.

The people, the stories, the fulfillment –  wow, honestly 10 is not enough. I find myself smiling when I know that I get to work with such amazing people. I can never really say it enough, the teachers that I get to work with, you are the reason why I feel like a 10 at work. Maraming salamat po 🙂 I hope that I get to work for this industry for a long time and help others achieve their 10 through what we do.

I am also very thankful to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) so here’s a shoutout to our amazing trainers from Trainstation!! Thank you for always reminding me that we have a choice on what we want to feel and who we want to be.  So today – I am very excited to go back to work and I know what when I ask myself, do I choose to be a 10? ABSOLUTELY YES, today I choose to be 100% 😊 I hope you choose to do the same.

Sometimes happiness costs a few bumps along the road – some friends get lost, a little tampo here from your dad and mom, a 2-day flu and bedrest and on some days, a little heartache but I guess no matter where you are, who you are and what you become – the choices you make are what you choose them to become.

I know I am thankful for this lazy Saturday – I wasn’t really productive and I know I wasted too many calories on that large milktea I drank earlier but heck I am one happy 25 year old who has once again posted in her blog (after a year!)