Shut up and listen to Walk the Moon (GIVEAWAY YEY! CLOSED)

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Talking is hard

I chanced upon Walk the Moon upon the recommendation of a friend from the music industry. I remember watching the Anna Sun music video for the first time. I instantly fell in love with the energy and happiness radiating from the feel of the whole video. Tribal face paints, hip shaking, synchronized choreography – all that and I knew that they would be my favorite band. 2 years have passed since that music video and their title still reigns over my heart.

So you can just imagine my excitement when the band announced their second album with the teaser single Shut up and Dance. I could not contain my grin and most importantly, I can’t control my hips (as Nick Petricca always says it) when I first heard the song. This was it – this is what made me fall in love with the band in the first place. Their unique flavor  – combining indie rock with themes of retro and pop always conjures an LSS worthy song. I’m not surprised that the single is visibly present in most Spotify Top charts – including the Philippines. (Proud Pinoy here!)

For the past two weeks since its release, I have been listening to the album almost every time I open my Spotify (and that’s almost all day, every single day of the week.) What I love most about the new album is how it delivered  a new set of zesty, feisty songs with the same familiar Walk the Moon vibe that we all know, bearing hints of resemblance from their hit single Anna Sun. The upbeat songs – Sidekick, Avalanche, Shut up and Dance, Spend your $$$, Work this body (which I could easily turn into a Zumba dance routine) made me feel it in my heart and had me head-dancing way too much while at work -sorry, I couldn’t help it! The soulful songs – Different colors, Portugal, Aquaman were very head-sway worthy, like a bullet straight to the heart.

I know – it takes a lot of heart, patience and time to listen to new band or a new album so if you’re not really in the mood to scrobble through the whole album, let me suggest the top 3 songs that you should check out! I have good feeling you’d give the whole album a good listen when you hear these three:

1. Shut up and Dance – this song is in multiple Spotify charts, has been very consistent for weeks since its release. A definite, absolute, on-point LSS worthy track! You can also check out the very fun music video below.

2. Avalanche – Retro, Indie Pop, Walk the moon vibe – you can not fall in love with this track. The quirkiness of the beat sedates the artistry of the lyrics.

3. Portugal – Honestly, this is my personal favorite. This reminds me so much of why I loved this band in the first place – pure soul, spirit and a pouring passion for music.

Full Track listing of Talking is Hard:

4. UP 2 U

We all know that everything is going digital nowadays so I had to accept that our local label won’t release a physical copy of the album. I am a very sentimental person and you have no idea how much it pains me to not hold in my actual literal hands this new Walk the moon record. So thank goodness for iTunes and Spotify for working with me through these tough times. So with that said, I will be giving away one digital copy of Talking is Hard (iTunes) to one reader of my blog – open to any fan, non-fan, Walk the moon virgin, Walk the moon non-virgin or any music aficionado who has taken an interest to listen to this band. Just comment and say hi below! [UPDATE: Congrats Michelle for winning the DigiCopy!]

I will always love this band and I really hope that they get bigger with this new record. They are honestly one of the most humble, sincere and free spirited bands present in the industry. Go to their Twitter and personal band member pages and you can see how much they go the extra mile to reach out to their fans and make us feel really appreciated. There’s no other feeling quite like it if you ask me. So I guess that explains why I also go the extra mile just to tell the world that you need to go check out this band because really there’s no one quite like them.

I always get lucky when I tweet Nick! 🙂

If you can buy Talking is Hard in iTunes, you’re extra awesome! Go here to purchase. You can also help them get more hits at Spotify, stream the album here! Always remember to listen legitly!

P.S. I really hope I get to see them in 2015, they’re currently number 1 on my Bucketlist!



9 thoughts on “Shut up and listen to Walk the Moon (GIVEAWAY YEY! CLOSED)

  1. Hi. I’m a Cincinnati native (like WTM). They’re definitely my favorite band. Though I live here, I’ve never seen them live… I hope to see them in 2015 as well.

  2. hey im ebony ive loved this band so much since I first heard them 3 years ago kevin NIC sean and eli are such nice people however we havn’t even got suad over here in the UK yet so no TIH yet either !

  3. Hey, Grace, fellow moonwalker 😄,
    I actually fell in love with WALK THE MOON
    by their song Anna Sun, too. But it’s actually
    their amazing live videos that made me adore
    the entire band–I have yet to see them live
    either😒. I love their 1st album so much, it
    still brightens my day. I actually was anxious
    a couple months back for more WTM music,
    and so I bought their Tightrope EP, which I
    must say includes two of my mst favorite
    tracks. It’s kind of funny that I don’t have
    Talking Is Hard yet, but I guess I’ve been
    saving it a little. The 1st listen is always the
    ❤Michelle, moonwalker

  4. Hi I am obsessed with Walk The Moon. I really wanted to see them in Anaheim but it sold out :/ There goes my chance to see them live

  5. Yay, thank you so much for paying this album forward. Currently playing it track-by-track. By the way, it’s so rad that you’ve gotten so many chances to chat with Petricca. 🙂

  6. […] Then here comes the new album with the hit single, Shut up and Dance. I felt it in my heart (and in my hips) that this is it. This is the start of a bigger Walk the Moon. Easily, SUAD broke the music scene. I was really excited to see so many people talk about it, stream it on Spotify and break into booty shakes whenever the song goes on air. The single was followed by a phenomenal second-album, Talking is hard. Check out my album blog post about Talking is hard. […]

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