Ayaw ko sa mukhang kuhol (Or, My Buti pa ang Roma may Bagong Papa book review)

Book Cover was designed by Alessandra de Rossi (from anvilpublishing website)

I can’t remember the last time I laughed my hard out, chapter after chapter, and at the same time get hit by a sadness so overwhelming because you have come to a realization that you are in that point in your life wherein you can fully intake a book in its entirety because it talks to your soul, digs up your fears and overwhlems you with your unspoken feelings.

In short – isa kang malaking Grand winner, NORINGAI. Alam ko naman sa sarili ko na hindi ako isang Kris Aquino o Direk Erick Salud pero nais ko lang naman ang malaman mo na ikaw ay bukod na pinagpala – You are that kind of write that perfectly shoots the infamous saying ‘You want to have your cake and eat it too?’ and at the same time snap back an answer ‘Ay OO, I want to have my cake, and eat it too at alam mo gusto ko rin siyang i-take out kasi in the first place, CAKE KO NGA TO ‘Eh.’ Ms. Noringai, I can never deny myself the feeling of admiring a woman who owns up to what she stands for. So let me reiterate so we can proceed – isa kang diyosa.

So upon hearing reviews and word of the mouth recommendations, I finally caved in and bought this seemingly pink book entitled ‘ Buti pa ang Roma may bagong Papa.’ Prior to buying I had a fair idea on what his book might be talking about but only because the title bluntly says it so – and just so we are clear, it really isn’t about Rome’s pope. So the blurb suggests:

Single. Alone. Soloista. Lonely. Tigang. Sawi. NBSB. Searching. Waiting. Hoping. This book is for you. Para malaman mo na kahit wala kang dyowa, hindi ka nag-iisa.

Check, check, check at isa pang malaking check. For only P185.00, you get to hold in your hands a funny, laugh out loud, heartfelt ledger in life and in love. The book is a series of essays covering different topics of a woman’s struggle in the day to day things that she encounters – from daydreaming about your (x years ko na siyang crush) crush, stalking your hottie of the month on social media, wishing for the next prince charming from Santa Claus, brushing off that one guy in the office who pronounces inbox as invox and your everyday thoughts on WHEN AM I GOING TO FINALLY FALL IN LOVE.

Come on, ladies. We all know the struggle is real (#TheStruggleisReal2014). In this age and day of Thoughtcatalog thoughts and EliteDaily daily news- we have all set our standards to find that one perfect man who will love us to the littlest of things – to that guy whom we will snuggle with at night, to that man who would be so good with babies you’d cry at just the thought of it and to that one person whom we’d always think of whenever we come across such articles. We are such pricks, truthfully and we really ought to be because BAKIT BA? Ayaw nating mag-settle eh. Diba, NORINGAI? This is just one of the many thought provoking thoughts (HAHA, thoughtception) that disrupted my seemingly ‘content’ single life and as ironic as it may sound, I found myself a little sad. But it’s a happy kind of sad because I knew that feeling of wanting to fall in love was still in me, despite all the years of denying. Everyday kilig is normal, everyday pintas of the guys who are way too out of our league is normal but acknowledging that there is someone out there who will eventually disrupt your normal life is totally scary and at the same time exciting. Hay, NORINGAI – bakit nga ba ganito ano? Ang weird lang talaga, sa tagal tagal ba naman ng panahon ngayon ko lang napagtantong isipin ulit iyon. Iba ka, Ibang iba ka girl.

This book was like a friend, a true friend who talks straight into your face and honestly blurbs out life and love in the most real sense. Noringai writes from experience and there’s nothing more reassuring in this world than knowing that you are definitely alone. Di ka nag-iisa, infairness nasa blurb niya yun. I felt so relieved after because finally hindi lang pala ako ang natuturn-off kapag may isang lalaking fa-keyd ang pag pronounce ng facade at eto matindi, hindi lang pala ako ang nagkakacrush ng taun-taon pero ni minsan hindi pinansin. I’ve got the power, I feel it.

This book just made me feel happy all over. I finished it in one sitting, almost highlighting every single line. I loved how the essays were cut according to themes, it was practically a breeze to finish. I was just flipping through the pages wildly. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN CAPSLOCK AND IN 17 ! MARKS.  Noringai’s wit and humor are so chunky and rich but at the same time so strong and true. Masakit masaktan pero at least tumatawa ka, at least may natututunan ka.

So did I like the book? HELLO. Handa na akong mag-shopping at mag random-gift giving ng kopya sa mga not-so-random-kasi-alam-kong-matatamaan-sila kong friends.

Lahat ng ginagawa niya, gusto mong lagyan ng malisya (From Pechay, Buti pa ang Roma may bagong Papa) – If feeling mo naka relate ka, medyo nakakarelate, gustong makarelate, magbasa ka na.

(from National Book Store’s twitter)

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