Why you need to check out Breanne Düren now

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I have been following Owl City for some time, well obviously – even the subtitle of this blog explicitly says so.  During the course of time, I have invested in extensive research amounting to somewhat like a thesis of the things I know, I opt not to know and wish to know about the band.  I have my fair share of Owl City knowledge and a big chunk of my Research and Related works leads to this person named Breanne Duren.

You may or may not know her (yet!) but here’s a little test to check if you know her from the list of Owl City songs below:

Well, if you answered Fireflies- you probably really don’t know her or you also don’t know who Owl City is. I forgive you if you’re not a fan of popular music. But if you answered The Saltwater room, you’re correct! Breanne is the lovely second voice serenading with the lyrics time together isn’t never quite enough.. as she also is the featured singer for Owl City’s song Honey and the bee from the album, All things bright and beautiful.

Apart from the songs, Breanne Düren is also an integral part of the Owl City touring band. She has been touring with Owl City since Ocean Eyes, she adds a touch of magic to the live shows with her soulful support vocals and snazzy keyboard skills. And if you’re a lucky concert goer like me, you’d also get a glimpse of her glittered sneakers which adds sparks to her whole stage presence.

cr to Jpmag for the picture

When not on tour, our girl gets going and produces her own music. A few years back, Breanne released her first EP entitled Sparks.  My personal favorite is the track Catapult followed by the single, Gold mine. Breanne’s voice perfectly sums up the terms Happy, Nostalgic and Snappy in one and you couldn’t really resist bumping your hips from side to side, from time to time.  The way she bundles up her music is a brand of its own – I can attest that you can dig up a whole record bar and find no Breanne sound-alike.

Last year, I had the lovely chance to finally meet, greet and chit chat with Breanne when me and Reine went out to catch the Hong Kong leg of The Midsummer station Owl City tour. Thanks to Daniel Jorgensen, we were able to meet the whole band that is beyond the 5 second rule of meet and greets.  Breanne Duren, in all that she is was absolutely beautiful – the way she talked, the way she sounded while talking (I didn’t mean for that to come off as creepy) and the way she was so simple, humble and just fun to be with. We talked and talked about the Philippines down to the storms and little whatnots and she was just bubbling with all things beautiful that I was left astounded. I couldn’t believe that I was finally talking to this woman that I just see on-stage, to this voice that I only hear from my music player and to this amazing lady who is as beautiful as she can get. Long story short, Breanne was just a living testament of all things lovely.

This 2014, Breanne is currently on a campaign to produce her 2nd EP and she needs all the support she can get for her to push this through. Bre is an indie artist that deserves a shot at the world – if you take time to know her,  listen to her music and let her feed your soul I’m sure you will in no doubt help her with the EP.

I find it really exciting taking part in helping an artist take that first step in their career. Breanne is already there though – there is a reason why people like me love her music,  but this EP will really help her cater the bigger world there is. You know that feeling of knowing an indie artist, indulging in their music and wishing that the rest of the world had the same taste as you? Why don’t you go and try listening to Breanne and feed that hunger of sharing good music to the world then?

Help Bre make her 2nd EP come to life by clicking HERE.  You can choose from a number of packs that cater to what you would like in exchange (or what your wallet can afford)

If the EP comes out soon and you’ve done your part, let’s all hold a party in honor of this beautiful artist. Sounds like a deal?


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