New Artist Discovery: Dylan Gardner

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Ever since Spotify became available in the Philippines, it has officially been my music player of choice.  I love how the app procures you a personal booklet of playlists that begs to be played according to your mood. So to say, the premise of this post is meant to communicate how I chanced upon this wonder called Dylan Gardner. I was browsing through the Mood Booster playlist from Spotify, aimlessly skipping tracks- which I love to do when on Premium subscription when I landed on this track called ‘Let’s get started.’ I know most of you feel me when I say the struggle is real in checking out new songs when you have an array of favorite artists lined up in your LSS worthy playlist of the week, but Dylan Gardner’s track Let’s get started had me at its first-5-second welcome and I knew this was an artist worthy of its own playlist.

Dylan Gardner is a cute bae!

Dylan Gardner is an 18 year old enigma of The Beatles and Jake Bugg all fused to blend in the indie-rock era, maybe even more.

Coming from his interviews, it’s pretty obvious Dylan Gardner’s inspiration is the Beatles.  I know, he is a spitting image of John Lennon (and I don’t think they’re related) and I know he carries his guitar whilst playing, strumming to a number of Beatles songs but Dylan has this unique flavor of his own, drugging you with sentiments from the classics while exciting you with the fresh promise of the new indie music vibe that we all grow to love.

I think it’s a combination of growing up listening almost completely to ’60s classic rock because my dad was in a cover band of oldies music, and mostly The Beatles. Then once I became a teenager and really got into the internet, the entire multiverse was at my fingertips and I could look anything I wanted, and I was able to completely binge on any musical genre there was.HP

Dylan Gardner released his first single worldwide – Let’s get started, which really really made me sing the song in the shower,  bus, jeep, kitchen for a couple of days and which I am pretty sure you will also love. Check out the music video of the single below. It bears a memory of how The Beatles did their music videos before and I know he just sings all throughout the video without even changing sets but there’s something about this boy that screams vigor and passion – the kind that draws you in ’til the last second. Coming from this, I cannot imagine how amazing he will be Live!

I am also excited to share that the whole album, Adventures in real time, is a delight in itself! All the tracks were written by Dylan and believe me all the tracks are like honey sticking to your ears, pleading to be loved over and over again. My personal favorite is the track, Heroes tonight, which is a catchy upbeat song perfectly complimented by Dylan’s distinguished voice.

Adventures in Real time cover

Dylan has been very generous to share his videos covering different songs. He usually posts snippets of his covers at Instagram and full length videos over his Youtube channel. My personal fave is his cover of Vampire Weekend’s Diane Young.


I don’t usally vouch for artists but I am on a personal cruasde right now telling all of you to please check out Dylan Gardner. I really have this big gut feeling that he’s going to become phenomenal. I cannot wait to see his songs soar up the charts and I’d like to think that’s due in no time.

Also, I say no to piracy so if you wanna check him out you can always look him up in Spotify (come on, you cannot love music and not have Spotify!), Get his album out now in iTunes or check out his channels below:

Tracklist for Adventures in Real Time:

01. Let’s Get Started
02. Heroes Tonight
03. I’m Nothing Without You
04. Too Afraid to Love You
05. I Think I’m Falling for Something
06. The Actor
07. Sing for the Stars
08. Feeling of Love
09. With a Kiss
10. Invincible

Let me know what you think of this artist! Also I am thinking of giving away one copy of the album in iTunes. Yes?



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