Concert Review: Capital Cities

January 12, 2013 – Capital Cities live in Manila!

My artwork for MMI

After 3 days, I was sick – cough and colds, the usual viral disease I get whenever I come home from a ridiculously good concert. No, it isn’t really the number of people present in a pit or the claustrophobic space of a dance floor that was present but I tell you this -it is because my damn hips can’t stop dancing, my voice can’t stop singing at its loudest and my heart couldn’t stop going wild for the moment. So, the concert? Ridiculously good, Overwhelmingly awesome. It’s ridiculously overwhelming awesome and good. I can still feel my Chartreuse vibes urging me to dance.

I remember listening to Safe and Sound and instantly googling it, finding a duo behind the infectious song – one with a very very long beard. Interesting. It didn’t take me long to get the album and love their songs. They’re that band that refuses to let you skip tracks on an iPod. Not really indie, not really pop. Not really 80’s, not really rock. Their music is a combination of all four elements blended to create an indie-pop spin-off genre that is infectious and LSS-worthy.

Now some people who are familiar with the album entitled In a tidal wave of mysteries probably find the song Farah Fawcett hair weird. Well, it’s my favorite track from the album and it took me less than a week to memorize the recited (literally) lyrics. You can just imagine my face during the concert, shouting Nutella, Democracy and Enjoying civiche in Peru. Yeah, I probably looked silly but there’s nothing quite singing your heart out lyric per lyric in concerts so no regrets. Every song was “sing at the top of my lungs worthy” and I was just beaming with joy when I saw fellow concert goers gleefully singing and dancing to the beat of CC’s wonderful set.

The show was high-energy and dance inducing. They excellently played off and just enjoyed. I also love how the band comes up with dance moves (which they teach to the audience) and dance altogether with everybody. Sebu and Ryan matched their album voices which was really amazing to hear live. They also gave off a Dj set during their last song which was the Remix of Safe and Sound. You can tell that everybody was having a good time because almost everybody danced like they were lost in Republiq.

Sebu’s epic and eclectic stage presence
Sup Channing!
The mysterious Ryan Merchant ♥
Very cute and Chinese looking Manny Quintero on Bass!
Filipino pride and fan fave Spencer!

Months and days prior to the show,  I entered some contests that earned me meet and greet stubs to meet the band.  I entered the MMI  artwork contest (photo at the start of post) and the MCA Music Kangaroo court MV purchase contest and praise the heavens cause I actually won from both.

So we met the guys and you can tell how cool they were with the next few photos below which is basically me doing a high-five with everybody and our group doing a restricted selfie with the band.

Highest of Fives!
Selfie time!

Like most Ayala mall shows a CD Signing session was held after the concert for the first 150 buyers of the album. We got our albums signed and I was really impressed on how the band is so friendly, humble (really really humble!!) and approachable.

CD’s for me and my friend (who wasn’t able to watch)

I was excited to see my favorite people from MCA Music Inc. that day and was glad to have the people from Astroplus lead the selling and signing. I also met Ms Rhiza from MMI (who I have  been  meaning to meet since Owl City 2011).

Me, Miss RP and My Universal Pose

Everyone that day just shined with awesomeness and really happy to have spent the day with Owl City PH friends – Lg, Colwin, Roselle and Izzy and my favorite OJT’s from work  – Robin and Patrick. If you look at it, it resembled a reunion of some sort. HAHA


Also before the show, we met up with  OCPH Tugeugarao chapter and resident fan boy – Dowe (who watched the 8123 show which was simultaneous with CC)

Hi There Dowe!

Then when all the activites ended some of us stayed to catch and wave our last goodbyes to the band. They were about to leave when the few of us who remained in the activity area shouted their names. They all happily obliged and guess what happened next? Selfies, of course.

Lg, Dennis (photobombed LG haha) and Sebu’s selfie

It was such an unforgettable show! I am in much awe on how Capital Cities entered the music scene. I won’t be surprised to see them rock more shows around the world especially that they’re currently booked for Katy Perry’s Prism tour. I also heard that the music video of Safe and Sound is nominated for the Grammy’s (I hope they win!)

Overall? Well my grin and concert buddy below greatly approves!

Rakarakan sa barricades Concert Buddy (est. 2011)


I was also ecstatic the whole time because this was a show by Music Management International – officially my most favorite producer of all time. They are kind, approachable and they bring the best acts in the country! ☺


One thought on “Concert Review: Capital Cities

  1. I was thereeee. Too bad I didn’t see you since I had to leave before they were done with their live performance. While reading this, I can feel your (and your friends’) happiness bouncing off in waves and the photos clearly show that you guys had fun! 😀 And the members of the band seem to be really cool and approachable. This post is enough to convince me of that. 🙂

    PS. Ang cute ni Spencer, hihihi. I can’t keep my eyes off him that time. Landi, haha.

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