I swear I LIVED!

Ok let’s be frank so I’ll say (or post) this simple, concise and quick.

ONE REPUBLIC LIVE IN MANILA was the best concert of 2013.

Okay. As much as I want to shut up and post this post right away, I don’t have the strength to restrain myself from explaining every little detail that lead me to that statement. But first of all, I would like to apologize to Adam – as I have watched his concert last August at HK, I still have to say One Republic is my best concert of 2013.

Before you start questioning my loyalty to Owl City, Please hear me out.

You see, when 1R released Native early this year I was all ears. Amazing how every track from the record fit perfectly to my musical taste. The album tasted a lot like indie-pop-rock or rather something very likable without any effort. You know you shuffle 800+ songs on playlist and when 1R comes up, you don’t complain and press the forward button? Yep, Native really hit that perfect spot. Also add the fact that Ryan Tedder is really one of my favorite songwriters ever, no wonder he is rumored as the most in demand songwriter to this day. Ugh, that man really knows what to sing and he sings it with heart.

So! Lucky me, literally cause I was treated to the concert by a friend and I even had the privilege to meet the band. I actually tried every possible thing out there just to snag M&G passes because there’s this very big calling to meet them. My sincerest thanks to SPINNR PH (previously called Smart Music) for giving me the chance to do so. The contest was actually simple cause you only have to buy songs from their online portal and you get raffle tickets to win. So when you think of it, you’re actually helping the band by buying original music and at the same time get the perks of having a chance to meet your favorite bands! (that was my case). Being an advocate of buying original music, I am really happy to have won this from a digital online music store because some people may not realize it but the impact of downloading pirated songs is so brutal to the artist’s success. So, not because I won but because I was really amazed, Spinnr is a nice welcome to us Filipino’s who are not really savvy with buying music from portals like iTunes. What’s nice with Spinnr is that you actually pay up with your smart/sun load and when you buy 12/more songs, you get a 50% discount from your total order. HOW AWESOME CAN THAT GET?



Roselle gave me a seat as we had a pact to help each other out whoever wins tickets to the concert. We were seated at the literal center of the Smart Araneta and we had good seats. I raved about our good seats until the next day ’cause damn, they were really good. We had a panoramic view of the Araneta, we were seated comfortably, Ryan Tedder was at the center of my literal heart and of course we had all the space in the world to actually lose ourselves.


Before I start doing an account on how crazy awesome the concert was, let me say that they have the best stage director ever and all props to their lights man. In reality, the stage design at first was pretty simple cause it had a white cloth that covers two diamonds. Then all magic broke loose ’cause when the band started playing Don’t look down and they did this shadow manipulation that just blew my mind.


Then the cloth collapsed and Roselle couldn’t stop staring at Ryan Tedder’s tummy.


But come on, Ryan Tedder is just amazing. I could proclaim my love for his falsetto all over the streets if you asked me. He sang every song beautifully and everything was flawless including the mash-up’s, acoustics and full set’s. I love how each instrument from the band members stood out and boasted of its robust talent. They played their hit songs starting from Apologize to their latest single Something I need. I love how the band came up with a surprise for every song and leaves you speechless and astounded. I also love how they are in love with the crowd but that adds that extra adrenaline rush when watching your favorite band live.

Gago, ang galing talaga nila. Ugh, nope you didn’t read it wrong cause I am going to say it again, GAGO ang galing nila.


And really, all my love and respect to my fellow Filipino fans and concert-goers for that beyond awesome audience participation. IT really breaks my heart (cause I am really emotional on situations like this) when the band gets a glimpse, that one real moment they own – when their fans sing their songs effortlessly. I mean I feel extremely touched by the moment, what more for them? Sigh. (This is why I need a job in the music industry. Haha Okay sorry, personal plug)

Then of course there’s the story on how I danced and literally went wild with every song. I can’t really describe my whole demeanor during that time but to sum it all up – I got extremely sick the following day and you know what? It was all worth it, yep despite the heavy workload bugging my health condition. It was such a breathtaking concert and I can attest to that over and over again if asked 5 years from now.


Keep marchin’ on, my hats off to you!


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