IN MY FACE (what I should have done and didn’t) so might as well jump!

I should have faced you with a brave and steady heart. I should have taken you when you were wholeheartedly given to me in generous servings. 


I know that it’s entirely my fault for being too afraid, too safe. What you had for me were stacks of experiences that I know to myself is a map to what I want to be, what  I have always dreamt of being. I am sorry I shoved you away for something so physical and temporary. Look at me now then, I am but a product of the norms of what society can give me –thriving in a place where I am forced to do for the sake of doing it. 

I am sorry.

I should have jumped off that cliff with you. I only then knew that you would also risk everything for me – alongside with a  jar of trust, confidence and assurance filled to the brim. 

I am so sorry I lost you and may have lost the battle for now. But know that in my heart, I will find you –I am weaving my way through you and  one day we will sail through greater skylines. Together, we will jump.

I will see you soon. 



Let me know if you figured my post out. This is a response to the Daily Prompt today.


8 thoughts on “IN MY FACE (what I should have done and didn’t) so might as well jump!

  1. i hope you find whatever or whoever it is you’re longing. let me pay forward (or back) the words of encouragement you dropped in my blog: I WISH YOU LUCK.

    Greetings from Jakarta. 🙂

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