The mandatory review after you spend the night crying (and maybe even, wailing)

There was a time when I stopped reading YA just because I thought that I grew up and needed some more content or romance for that matter but John Green made me want to take back every thing, every thought because this book explained every possible algorithm that there are books that exist and demand to be read just because they do. I never encountered a book so raw, so emotionally full and so real that it hurts to flip through the pages because you know you’re unraveling the story of someone real right before your very eyes. 

Dear Hazel and Augustus,

Thank you for your story, I think I have never cried so much in one sitting that I couldn’t barely breathe and thought that I might actually need my own oxygen tank. You’ve given me something that I can’t bring myself to explain. This story, your story, is forever etched in my heart and it has somehow evoked a new emotion in me. 

Mr. John Green
Now I know why everyone is talking about you and your books. Thank you for giving us Hazel and Augustus. You’re lovely and I love you.

And for the record, let me quote you that “it would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you.”

Cr: to lzbeth/tumblr

Now let me go ease my heart.


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