When you just focus on your ability

every single thing will fall into place.

I remember the first time I saw Call it what you want – live in Solana in MTV Asia. Who are these boys? Why is MTV playing this video everyday – 11pm GMT +8? I usually change channels but one day I finally decided to take down the name of the video and the artist and find myself stupid for not knowing them as the band behind the hit single Pumped up kicks.

Oh Foster the People? Google – Facebook – Follow on Twitter – Ask FTP-PH and I was absolutely crazy about them.

I remember doubting if I should push the fan-girl in me to invest with Foster, I mean if I invest and I dive in, there’s no turning back. It gets me to the bone because it’s in my nature to get easily too attached once I decide that I really want this thing so bad, di na matatahimik mundo ko. HAHAHA

So after the debate, something weird really happened. MTV Asia had this new show “The MTV SHOW” and I remember watching an episode wherein they were raffling off a Mystery box. I searched the show’s fan page on Facebook, entered the contest (2 hours before the deadline) and found myself lucky the following today for winning a pair of PUMPED UP KICKS. PUMPED UP KICKS def. Signed converse shoes by Foster the people.



And so..

I sort of helped the local fan-club via Twitter and Facebook and I found old-new friends along the way. I find it amazing that a lot of the people I met with Foster are also the ones I met with Owl City. It actually goes the same for international hoot-owls because every now and then I encounter the word FOSTER combined with PAJAMAS or HOOT-OWL.So I guess there’s this same trend going with Owl City fans  liking/loving/fan-girling Foster.

There were rumors earlier this year that they were supposed to go here last August but then September came and nothing happened so I sort of let the idea slip away so when Astroplus announced Foster’s concert I could not paint my emotions. I was a frantic ball of energy dribbling up and down a  milk-tea shop, shouting, calling friends, dropping calls, calling more friends,  getting excited and spending a first pay-check for Patron tickets. LESS THAN ONE MONTH TO PREPARE? Oh.

So what do we do? We trend. We gather all the  fan-girls/boys. We team up with FTP IN MANILA and wait for it…


So we make up mini-torches.


We meet up with awesome awesome awesome foster friends across Metro Manila!Image

We line up to meet and greet FTP by buying our CD’s


We make more torches!


Take a picture with your FTP/OWLCITY FRIEND, Ferlie ween werls!


Maintain the maintenance of the formation (Thanks ELLA FOR OUR NICE SHIRTS THAT MARK LOVED!!)


Take a picture of an office-mate


Take a picture with a former college classmate, Hi dong ♥


Take a picture with a former high-school classmate from Davao, Hi mami!


Take a picture of our tickets – they’re just complimentary in text but we paid for them, UBOS ANG SWELDO HAHAHAA. WELL. JUST WELL.


Take a picture of some cool kids we met at the concert venue. I badly want to know these people so if you happen to know them, please do tell me who they are.


Take a picture with the awesome Ella of We want FTP in Manila!


Then you go inside Araneta, prepare yourself and by-all-means make sure you’re in the first row by battling against fellow fan girls and take a blurry picture of the massive crowd that’s ready to roll (*blurry because hands are too shaky out of excitement)


And finally bask in the perfect pitch of Foster the people perform song after song after song after song.


My favorite was Broken Jaw and Houdini back to back. I can’t even the cannotations because I believe that was the part wherein I heavily bruised myself as I danced my body off beat after beat. Everybody around me were singing in deaf-tone mode and the next thing I know Anne Curtis was behind us. Could this get any better?




Also met up with Colwin!  (This was after the concert so you can see my before and after look, BEFORE: Looking crazy. AFTER: … )


Also met up with my favorite people in the world. That’s Ate Mar, Ate Dom and Ate Arlene!


And walk home as happy-fulfilled-foster-girl


I admit that a part of me was sad that I wasn’t able to secure a picture with the band but the whole experience made up for that click of a shutter. I met friends whom I felt like I knew since forever, with those friends I enjoyed a concert that I thought I would never experience and I had an experience that I would never ever etch out of my system, ever.

Foster the people’s concert was the type of concert that makes you feel alive, feel passion, feel as if you’re one with the universe who loves you back for being who you are. Foster fans, when put together in an arena emanate this different kind of fix that makes you blaze up with emotions only the galaxies can paint. SURREAL, WILD AND DEFINITELY REAL. Foster the people is a legend that I believe will continue to define stories and memories and add another crowning glory to the music industry.

And if asked I only have this to say to Foster the people, DON’T STOP.

Image(Photo from Philippine concerts)


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