It’s not about the money money money

People often ask me on why I do this, for what purpose, what gain, what benefit and to what extent. My initial reaction would be irritation and a mild urge to attack them and roll them on the floor but since I’m trying to be positive, I fish out a thousand of reasons to turn the story around and give them instead no reason on why I should not.

Honestly it gets me to the bone whenever people question the things that I do out of passion. It makes me tick to hear people criticize me on what I love doing and why am I doing it. It’s a selfish thought but that’s the most honest reaction that I can give. Lately people have been asking on me on why I do so much for Owl City and Owl City Philippines for that matter. They throw me banters on why I invest so much time in printing pictures of Owl City, editing pictures of Owl City, planning stuffs for Owl City, buying songs of Owl City, editing videos of Owl City and promoting Owl City in general — it as if it skins them alive knowing that there’s a person like me who gives so much for an organization that doesn’t give me any monetary gains.

It’s not really about the money. It’s not even about the fame. Well a little because I admit a part of me enjoys the recognition but it’s about organic passion. It’s passion that fuels me to do all of these things. To lead, to support and to give. I know, some people might never get the foundation to digest this because it honestly takes time and experience.

You will never understand one unless you are one. 

Being a fan club leader is something that I do out of this brimming desire to fulfill passion. I find the greatest contentment in knowing that what started out as a humble support for an artist is able to express its prowess through channels that not only express but at the same time selflessly give without any cost.

I believe that the greatest gift that you can give someone is doing something for that person without asking for anything in return but instead promise to do more and live more.

I admit that I often question myself and the things that I do but  I always find more reasons to negate that negative though. Honestly I never expected this to form a big essential part of my life. Being a fan club leader has helped me establish connections, relationships, friendships (which I would never ever trade for anything else in this world) and most of all myself. I found a dream that I know I will never stop pursuing until I get to the very end of it. That’s why I will always be thankful and no amount of money can ever top that.

So the next time you ask make sure you’re not stepping on someone else’s dream because you know, I never questioned yours. Well at least for now.




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