Fostering a new breed

Listening to indie, post, punk rock or you know that kind of genre has been my thing lately. I find comfort in knowing that there’s more to the music scene that the mainstream world currently knows.  So the list goes on and I am not saying I am an expert. I just have a few favorites and that includes Vampire Weekend, Two Door Cinema Club, The Vaccines, The Kooks, Freelance Whales (These guys have an Owl City touch to their music so you should check them out!) and FOSTER THE PEOPLE!  Seriously I have been fan-girling on this band too much that I think I am cheating on Adam. HAHAHA Like that would happen.

But Foster the People is GOOD and what I love most about their record, TORCHES is its poignancy. Each single present’s a new spirit and a new life all bundled up into one edgy track, mysteriously satisfying. I am more than willing to do more for this band, if only I was not this busy and if only this doesn’t feel so wrong. Ugh, I hate fan-girl issues. You can never like an artist so much and feel the same for another, it defies the natural law of being the ultimate fan-girl, LOYALTY. So you see, the strain on me is so hard, I try to suppress everything!

And that’s only number 1. I have a lot more on my list. Oh, Fan Girl Problems. It’s worse than your conyo problems, believe me.

So if I find time and find enough room for my remaining sanity, I will continue this fan girl problems blog (even though nobody will track it Hahaha I totally understand) and since I opened up Foster the People and in case you still have not heard of them, may I suggest that you listen to this enigmatic track entitled “I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR YOU”

and so after watching that video,  may I recommend another song from them, this is darker and deeper but I guarantee that you’ll be bouncing off your heads in no time. Just be careful not to pop them out of your bodeh.


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