And that’s when it became a dream

I still can’t bring myself to believe that it has been a month since the concert. Yes, some days are still gloomy because of suppressed loneliness but admittedly I know I have moved on. No, this isn’t a bad thing – and so I say to myself.  So last month I met him, I met ADAM YOUNG. I talked to him,  I hugged him, smiled at him, cried for him and did many unimaginable things for him. KEY WORD: UNIMAGINABLE. HAHA I can only do so much.  Just recently our prof mentioned something about “Ang hirap hirap mag invest ng oras sa isang bagay na di mapapasayo.” – or something that went like “It’s hard to invest so much time in things that will never be yours.” AWKWARDLY I repeated what the prof said to my seatmates. Most of them or at least Reine thought I was thinking about an ex. NO I WAS NOT. Just to clarify things okay. I was thinking of this whole fantasy of being well, a fan. Sometimes we inject so much of the artist in our system that we believe  that one day they will be a part of us too, and us a part of them. This is probably one of the hardest to admit but I know that the closest that I could get to is just to be a follower, never a friend. And THAT IS COMPLETELY OK. I do not look down at the thought. Its just that the whole experience for me, meeting him, hugging him (ok I am repeating myself haha) is so surreal because I know this is just a dream. It will always be. And I will forever grip my lullabies unto this.

Did I just.. Forget it. Good night, SWEET DREAMS!


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