Today, I’m typing from my laptop – here in DAVAO CITY, My birthplace, my home. Located at the heart of Southern Philippines Davao City boasts of a huge city landscape of nature and technology. One thing I love about this place is its sense of honesty. It’s really different from Manila, it may be the metropolitan city of Mindanao but it possesses a raw ingredient so fine that it connects every individual into a one big family. I missed going home here. I intentionally booked a late flight for Davao as for Owl City by the way. Anyway, I missed Davao so much that unexpectedly, I have thoughts of spending the rest of my life here. FOR REALZZZ.

Even so, I admit that I always welcomed the idea of pursuing a career in Manila. I even have prospects. Gosh, it’s a long long list and all of them are located at least in Ortigas. However, a feeling of nostalgia drags me back to where I used to me, Unexpectedly. And you know what’s scary?  The feelings actually stay. THEY STAY.

I have always wondered what is in the Unexpected that makes feelings so permanent.

I remember my first love. GAH. I hate talking about this but it totally relates to this post. He is one of the Unexpected people that walked in and took a seat in my life. A permanent seat. It was love at first sight and it was unplanned. I liked him first and unexpectedly, he liked me back! I bet his feelings were unexpected too! However, we broke up – it was totally unexpected too, well on my part at least (This will be my first time admitting this, on public!) The memories, the decision, the choice, the pain – all were unexpected and well, permanent. I don’t know if its all true but I know to myself that there are indeed days when I look back, I recall and sigh with a heavy heart. It still pains me though. But just as the decision was unexpected, I know I am firm when I say I don’t want to go back where we left too. And that is, I believe Permanent too.

Today, I spent the afternoon at our store. It’s exactly a week after Owl City Live in Manila 2011 and I’m still aflutter. I’m still in a Post-Concert depression mode. Hesitantly all that I have been doing with my ipod is play fruit ninja, I’m still avoiding Owl City as it just hurts me more. Hahaha I know, it’s a process y’know.  All of a sudden the song, ALL ABOUT US by He is We featuring Owl City blasted off from the speakers. I never heard this song at Manila, not in local stations at least. It is a very rare song and it never played as a single on radio stations at Metro Manila. BUT IT DID, HERE IN DAVAO.

A few hours later, I decided to go down and walk through several stores when I passed by a famous retail outlet that has Ed Westwick as its main endorser. I tell you it blasted Deer in the headlights, ON THE SPOT when I walked in.

A few minutes later, I sat down at a local fastfood chain, at the table near the trashcan (as the place was crowded) when a man wearing a Lionel Messi Jersey sat across me. YES, LIONEL MESSI IS THE SOCCER PLAYER THAT LOOKS LIKE ADAM YOUNG.

All three encounters were unexpected. All three encounters reminded me on how I stumbled upon Owl City. I came to like Owl City as the song Fireflies graced me on a friend’s birthday party. I started a fan club after a thought pushed me. I pushed the fan club as people inspired me. I met Adam through a phonecall. I became a fan through chance. Every moment was Unexpected.




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