Where do I start from here?

I have a lot of things going on in my mind right now. If you know me, then you’d instantly know why but since this is a public blog, let me spill the details for you.

I went home from last year’s concert with a heavy heart. Owl City Philippines back then only had 10 members.  Only two of us went all the way to the hotel to stalk and eventually fail. But then again,  the way I see it that concert lighted me up to take a giant leap of faith and work things out the next time  I see him.

For one year, Owl City Philippines worked its way as an official fan-club of Owl City in the Philippines.  It was a long process but it was worth it.

After one year here we are, all dressed up and ready to take flight. It was a year that we will never forget. Personally, I can’t imagine myself without Owl City Philippines. It is more than an organization, It is my family. My best-est friends are people whom I have personally met in this fan base.  My heart sinks at the thought that we have started as an admiration for Adam grew into something more Beautiful.  This alone is more than what I asked for. I cannot thank you enough, my friends for giving me this chance- to share my love for Owl City to people whom I know deserve it best.

Owl City Philippines had finally made its mark. It is recognized by MCA Music Inc., Recognized by the Owl City management and for the first time in concert history (or call it a very rare opportunity) it has become one of the sponsors/partners in the concert.

I found it surprising that a lot of people were Thanking Me. Well, I should be thanking you. It means the world to me that people recognize me for what I love.

Being a fan is probably one of the hardest things in the world.  It requires time, patience, extra love and extra time.  It requires a keen mind and a strong determination of recognizing what is attainable and what is not. It fights for a strong heart- a very strong one.

I’m glad I chose Owl City.  It’s more than the artist, it’s also about my fellow fans who share the same magical feeling of admiring someone so poignant. Adam, I know  I have been repetitive but I really am thankful for the chance. You were once a dream so far but in a year, you came true. No words can describe how much I appreciate you and your existence. You have given us a gift so endearing that it’s hard to let you go the moment you leave us.  We can never thank you enough. And as I have stated in my letter, You are the sweetest thing that ever happened in my life. Yes, I nominate myself as the fan girl of the year. No questions please.

I guess I am crying right now because I know I will miss the whole process. I did give up a lot for this 🙂 But I am not fretting or anything! See, I’ll be honest now that it’s done I postponed my flight to Davao just so I can attend the concert and extensively help in its promotions. I also used my “thesis” as an excuse. HAHAHAHA I know.

All in all, I feel so proud. The fact that there were several people who asked me if they can take a picture with me (WHAT IS FEEL NA FEEL KO NAMAN!), the fact that we were interviewed by Myx. Ahhh. I’m proud because I know I have this big bunch of friends whom I know are for keeps.  I admit, I cry because I’m afraid you’ll all be gone after this but I know I’m just being silly. I just miss Adam that’s all. Haha.

To all the people who greeted me congratulations, thank you. IDK why you’re greeting me. All I know is that this Owl City venture of mine is a labor of love wherein I know I could have not done without the help of fellow fans. So let me say it this time, CONGRATULATIONS TO US.

Guys, this is not the end and I want to affirm that. It’s just the start. When the time comes another Owl City adventure flies in, I’ll meet you there. ♫


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