Thousands of Filipino fans anticipated the much awaited concert of the year. Months of extensive preparation and suppressed excitement paved the way for a successful one night showcase of the phenomenal YouTube sensation turned top-selling and highly-admired international artist, Justin Bieber!

At the age of 17, Bieber proved that he is worth more than 10 minutes of fame. Acclaimed for chart-topping hits and singles that reign countdowns, Bieber is bound to be bigger and more exceptional. And this has been remarkably proven and manifested during his first-ever ‘live’ concert at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds in Manila.

May 10, 2011 – Justin Bieber graced The Philippines as one of his stops for his My World Tour. Bieber’s press conference was held on the same day of the concert, which has raved pertinent media personalities as he gladly opened up and answered questions while admitting that he appreciated the overwhelming support of Filipino fans. MCA Music, Inc. (Universal Music Philippines) headed by their President, Ricky Ilacad also awarded Justin Bieber a 7x Platinum Award, by giving him a guitar-shaped plaque (specially-designed by Grassroots, Inc.,) for the massive success of his released albums: My World, My World 2.0, My Worlds, My Worlds-The Collection, Never Say Never: The Remixes.

A number of winners and lucky fans from various contests were also able to personally meet and greet Justin Bieber. To top it off, they also had their once-in-a-lifetime chance to have their photos taken with their ultimate idol. Eager screams and a festive vibe filled the atmosphere of the backstage area where these fortunate fans waited for their turn to see Bieber up-close!

May 10 was truly unforgettable for all the fans of Justin Bieber. The concert was opened by Poreotics, America’s best dance crew season 5 winner, with the following of Justin’s proud-to-be-Pinoy back-up singers, Legaci. Despite of his unwell feeling, Justin Bieber gave an all-out amazing performance that left Manila in a blanket of Bieberiffic surprises.

With the all-time #1 hit single, “Baby” topping off his concert repertoire and with over 50,000 attendees, Justin Bieber’s My World Tour in Manila 2011 capped off the Ultimate Justin Bieber experience for all the Pinoy Beliebers.

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Our very awesome MCA Executives. They're the best!! ♥
How I wish I saw you this up and close haha

But that’s okay, I’m still super thankful to MCA MUSIC for giving us the opp to watch Justin’s PressCon! Ahhh. Really, I feel super lucky this summer because of MCA ♥

Oh Hi Justin! ♥
Jyl and Me. (Cheska not in Picture) at the waiting area.

I just feel so blessed seeing Justin up and close. For a minute or two, my world halted its orbit wishing that my sister was with me. Ahhh.

So this post is for you, Shobe.

Don’t worry I know Justin loves you back as one of his biggest fans.  NEVER SAY NEVER! Naks haha


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