It’s not so bad to wake up at 2AM..

plus the fact that it’s live in Manila.

the 2AM experience!

I remember my job interview before I entered MCA MUSIC INC. as an intern. My Boss specifically asked me if my internship would extend until May 10.. He asked me “Sige nga, what’s on May 10?” Ding ding ding, I exclaimed “Justin Bieber!!!” and after that he mentioned a Kpop Act that was coming to Manila. I recalled the Kpop artists that MCA released and could only remember 4Minute, Kara and Beast. Hmm, who could it be? Boggle boggle boggle. So I had to carry on with my life and sooner found out that it was 2AM.

“That is different from 2PM right?” I asked myself 10 times before affirming that yes, they are different ’cause 2PM has Nickhun for Khuntoria and 2AM has Jo Kwon for the Adam Couple. Now which side to choose? Ding ding ding, I like the Adam couple better cause they’re so kilig and kissed twice so yes, it had to be, it must be 2AM.

Jo Kwon who arrived later than the 3 boys

ALL: Mabuhay Philippine!

Chang Min: We are 2AM! We are very excited to meet you

Seu Long: Hope to catch you all there, See you Soon!

Kwon: SEE YOU SOON! *waves happily*

We had this on repeat for 2 weeks, inside Achie Mar’s office. We constantly refreshed the I.d. that had Jo Kwon say “TUGUSTUGUUUUAN NA!!” Ahhhh I laughed so hard because Kwon was just so adorable and yes, funny. I basically helped the bestest label manager in the whole world, Achie Mar, with the scripts and whatnots of 2AM Live in Manila. I also helped maintain the fanpage, 2AM live in Manila, that was the home of I AM’s who were excited to see the boys. I also helped with the radio plugs and press releases for 2AM Live in Manila. We also shopped for food and intentionally grabbed lots of Ruffles and Lays just in case 2AM ignores it and also whipped up 600 VIP I.d.’s and more or less strap on 500 tickets unto 500 lanyards.

That was the pre-prod of it all.

AHA. 2AM arrived April 27, 2011 – 11:00AM (YEAH! AM AND NOT PM!) at NAIA1. I was quite excited to be a part of the entourage for this was my first time to actually fetch an International artist from the airport. ‘Twas just sad that we weren’t able to walk through with them inside the airport but the good part of that was we convoyed their coaster until we reached the hotel.


-so before I swoon, let me just say that before all of this happened, LIM SEU LONG IS MY BIAS.

Barangay LS interview

Every friend of mine knows I am a fan girl and I am good at it. But I had to suppress that for 2AM. Set my limits. But Ack, Seu Long oppa was just so dreamy in his shades and shorts that half of my sanity rolled back into EDSA. Control, control. April 27 was kind of laid back. We visited Barangay LS 97.1 and I met a few fans, 2onedayPh to be exact. I stared at Seu Long for a few minutes and realized that their TV interview ended 5 minutes ago and we needed to leave for 8 Spices for dinner.

Dinner at 8spices with the awesomest people ever!

DINNER WITH 2AM? Interesting.

But again, SUPPRESS, CONTROL AND JUST LET IT GO. You know that awkward moment when you’re actually dining with 2AM and you can’t even look at them in the eye or smile at them ’cause it would violate my principle of limits? Oooh lala, one bite of the spicy beef curry had to take it away.

☐  Day 1 with 2am?  ✓ that’s a check cause we survived through it.

I reported early in the hotel in the next day. I was initially assigned to come with Achie Mar at 11:30 of April 27 to fetch Jo Kwon but my Auntie just had to ruin that once in a lifetime opportunity. And so to make up for that horrible short coming of my life as a fan, I arrived at the hotel 9AM (AHA AM!) in the morning. Walk here, go there, eat a few chips and chill at the glam room and see Kwon in his PJ’s.  It was so nice to be greeted by Kwon with an enthusiastic Good Morning! No wonder Kwon is the group leader.

Aha but things did not end there for Day 2. AHA again. It was coincidence with ingenuity that lead me to that elevator with the 4 boys. CARPE DIEM! “Annyeong, Good Morning”

LIKE A BOSS, I greeted them and they smiled back at me with a JinWoon that whispered “Morning.”


2AM at MYX Taping

2AM had their Myx taping around 2p.m. and it was really cute of Kwon to notice a roll up tarp that had the “ADAM couple” in it. He eagerly danced their couple dance and also sneaked a preview of his Abracadabra. This taping was my first time hearing them live. . I crumbled like crushed grahams on top of a freshly made Mango float when Chang Min sang the high note of “Like Crazy.” I affirmed to myself that YES, THEY ARE GOOD. Way Good. Highlight of the taping was when 2AM seriously gave a heartfelt performance for 3 consecutive songs and Chang Min blurted out “KAMSAMNHIDA!!” because he hit the wrong note. He did that 3 times which made me love him 3x more. Krrr So cute Oppa.

Look who’s a fan.

So we survived our first Mall show at the Resorts World Manila.

2AM at the Resorts World, Newport mall

I was serious when I said that I feel for the fans cause I am a big fan myself and I know how they feel. Arrrgh. So frustrating at the same time fulfilling. Beauty of fan dom.

Oh well. We went to dinner with the boys at White Moon Bar. I remember Kwon again singing S&M. Rihanna must be one of his faves. Haha. I just had to say that he went “S S S S! M M M” I think he purposely left out the “and” part cause he is cool that way. (Only Kate and Me heard this HAHAHA)

☐  Day 2 with 2am?  ✓ ✓ ✓ CAUSE I HAVE 4 GOOD MORNINGS from the Boys.

So because of my elevator encounter I arrived early once more the next day. 8:30 to be exact. I was really hoping to ride the elevator with the boys again but all hopes came crashing down when it was already 11 and the closest that I got was seeing the  back of JinWoon at the glam room.

It was really cute that Jin Woon and Chang Min are strictly following their SweetPotatoes+Broccoli with no seasoning+ Saladwithnodressing + Grilled chicken diet while Jo Kwon and Seu Long are happily eating delectable meals. Ahhh Chang Min was happy with his Banana Ketchup that he bought on the first day (which he got at MegaMall! by himself and one staff)

Press Conference up ahead and 2AM enjoyed the very lively media people who asked them a few Q’s. Hi to Tim Yap who looks so charming in person, I personally love him NA. ♥

2AM Press Conference

2AM’s second mall show was held at the Venice Piazza. We were assigned to Krissy and Ericka, who were really pretty and nice! I love their cover of Katy Perry’s California Girls. SO yeah. Back to 2AM, I bursted out laughing when Jo Kwon introduced himself as “Ako si Jo Kwon!” and for a split second how I wish I was the lucky fan who played the “Finding Jin Woon” game because she hugged all 4 boys! (which I know, I will never achieve in this lifetime.) The fans gave out very cute gifts for 2AM and I can’t help but, once again, feel them! I know the hardwork, patience and money that a fan gives out for their favorite artist. 2AM is so lucky to have such loving fans. Hay.

2AM at the Venice Piazza

I thought the night ended early for us but we worked overtime for Eastwood’s show the following day. Nevertheless, it was fun to recall what happened for the past 2 days of the promo tour. We also discovered that the assigned body guard for our team was the kuya in the infamous tugs tugs tugs Cornetto.

Kuya Cornetto!

So yeah, at that point, I rightfully claimed that we were the awesomest group ever.

The Coolest group ever? (Cheska and Jyl not in picture)

☐  Day 3 ✓ – don’t get me wrong, I loved this day but I was so frustrated with myself, I guess it’s my inner bipolarity that brought me to tears as I walked down EDSA. I was crying like a drama queen and I couldn’t point out why.

10 o’clock I was already in Eastwood Mall. Wow. It was my first time to see the actual queue for the sales of the 2AM album. AWESOME! I had the feeling that the Eastwood show would be the most DaeBak of it all.

And was I right!

It was around 2:30 p.m. when 2AM arrived for Soundcheck. Like a boss I watched them sing behind the tarps and did V.O.’s for the show.

Ultimately, doing V.O.’s is my life long dream as an intern. Babaw noh? Sorry but yes. I just love talking and talking and talking in English, especially when no one can control over my vocal prowess. WAHAHA PROWESS?

Anyway, 2AM hanged out at RedBox where a few sponsors got their chance to take their photo’s with the boys (HEHE THAT INCLUDED US, Staff people!) Finally, on the last leg of their promo tour, all of our blood, sweat and tears (HUWEH!) payed off with that photo. ♥ I am now officially an I AM. Uh Huh!


2AM gave the audience a very spectacular show! Highlights of the show was when Jo Kwon did his signature “KKAP” dance followed by the 3 boys! Also Jin Woon, Chang Min and Seu Long were greeted a Happy Birthday since 3 of them are May babies! Well, Jo Kwon was presented with a cookie boquet which,  I think, he really loved. The show ended with Jo Kwon saying “BABALIK KAMI.”

2AM singing their hearts out at Eastwood Mall

Fangirly as it may sound, I kinda clinged on to those words ’cause I really do hope they come back.

Ahhh 2AM left for Korea and all I have with me now is a blanket of memories loosely strung together. It was a whole new experience for me and I can quote it as the “ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE OF MY INTERNSHIP.” I not only enjoyed seeing the artists up close and personal but I appreciated the whole process of building up a promo tour. With the help of the very patient MCA PEOPLE who trusted us for this event, a Thank You is not enough (naks, yun yun eh) Also, I was really happy to meet fellow fans (although we’re not in the same genre) It was my first time to appreciate KPOP fans, well generally because I am’s are very friendly! Uyy.

I AM’s! I love you! (kala mo ako ang artista eh haha)

Awww. I sort of miss the whole experience. I just curse the I.d. Laces. HAHA. All in all, 2AM live in Manila is those one-of-a-kind-tiring- but-fulfilling-events that you’d gladly repeat all over again.


☐ 2AM live in Manila ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓ one big DAEBAK!!!!


’twas also really nice to meet these 5 pretty girls who won the VIP contest for our 2AM contest. Ahh You girls are so lucky!

Thanks Jimalyn for this!

Sorry if I have a few glitches on this post, I am really sleepy. Haha

Photos are couretsy of: KATE, ;


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